DEA Leadership

How Leadership Works

The DEA leadership is responsible for the governance of the Association. The leadership is comprised of elected leaders and building representatives.


The elected leadership makes up the “Executive Board“.

  • This includes the president, two vice presidents (one from elementary and one from secondary), four board members from two regions (north and south), one at-large member (Ethnic Minority Representative), and the UEA Board Member for Davis UniServ.
  • The board meets monthly during the school year to direct the business of the DEA.
  • Board members serve for two years (except in the case of an appointment to fill a vacancy), and members are limited to two consecutive terms.


The building representatives make up the “Representative Council”. 

  • Each school elects one faculty member (two in larger schools) to be the school’s designated Association Representative (“AR” or sometimes called Building Rep).
  • That faculty member is the go-to person for any questions or concerns for the Association, and acts as a guide for teachers to get access to the resources they need. 
  • The AR attends the monthly AR meeting where they receive information that they pass on to the faculty at their school.


If you do not know who your building representative is, reach out to either the board member who has your school as a liaison school, or the administrative assistant.

Current Board Members

Denise Willmore

Denise Wilmore


Liaison Schools:

  • Davis Special Ed Department
  • Davis Supt./3rd Floor
  • Davis Teaching & Learning
  • Digital Learning
  • Federal Programs
  • Literacy Coaches
  • Orchard Elementary
  • Professional Learning
  • Related Services: HOVP, Psychology, Speech & Language
Rosalind Van Vleet

Rosalind Van Vleet

Secondary VP

Liaison Schools: 

  • Canyon Creek Elementary
  • Creekside Elementary
  • Fairfield Jr.
  • Layton Elementary
  • Morgan Elementary
  • Mountain High
  • School Technology Specialists
  • Shoreline Jr.
Kallyn Gren

Kallyn Gren

Elementary VP/ UEA Board of Directors

Liaison Schools: 

  • Antelope Elementary
  • Clinton Elementary
  • Cook Elementary
  • Doxey Elementary
  • Holt Elementary
  • King Elementary
  • Syracuse Elementary
  • Tolman Elementary
Ariel Ortega

Ariel Ortega 

Ethnic Minority Representative

Liaison Schools: 

  • Ellison Park Elementary
  • Hill Field Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Parkside Elementary
  • Vae View Elementary
  • Wasatch Elementary
  • West Clinton Elementary
  • West Point Elementary
John Brumbaugh

John Brumbaugh

Liaison Schools: 

  • Central Davis Jr.
  • Clearfield High
  • Columbia Elementary
  • Layton High
  • North Davis Jr.
  • Northridge High
  • South Clearfield Elementary
  • Sunset Jr. 
Brittany Goddard

Brittany Goddard

Liaison Schools: 

  • Adelaide Elementary
  • Boulton Elementary
  • Bountiful Elementary
  • Foxboro Elementary
  • Meadowbrook Elementary
  • Millcreek Jr.
  • Valley View Elementary
  • West Bountiful Elementary
  • Woods Cross Elementary

Brandi Nickerson

Liaison Schools: 

  • Adams Elementary
  • Bluff Ridge Elementary
  • Buffalo Point Elementary
  • East Layton Elementary
  • Fremont Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Mountain View Elementary
  • South Weber Elementary
Kirstin Mele

Kirstin Mele

Liaison Schools: 

  • Bountiful High
  • Centerville Jr. 
  • Eagle Bay Elementary
  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Mueller Park Jr.
  • Muir Elementary
  • Oak Hills Elementary
  • South Davis Jr. 
  • Stewart Elementary
Eve Bean

Eve Bean

Liaison Schools: 

  • Burton Elementary
  • Centerville Elementary
  • Kaysville Elementary
  • Kaysville Jr. 
  • Knowlton Elementary
  • Odyssey Elementary
  • Reading Elementary
  • Renaissance Academy
  • Taylor Elementary
BreAnn Busboom

BreAnn Busboom

Liaison Schools: 

  • Centennial Jr. 
  • Lakeside Elementary
  • Legacy Jr. 
  • North Layton Jr. 
  • Snow Horse Elementary
  • Sunset Elementary
  • Syracuse High
  • Syracuse Jr. 
  • West Point Jr. 
Andrew Hahn

Andrew Hahn

Liaison Schools: 

  • Bountiful Jr. 
  • Davis High
  • Farmington High
  • Farmington Jr. 
  • Holbrook Elementary
  • Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Viewmont High
  • Vista Campus
  • Woods Cross High

Danica Puente

Liaison Schools: 

  • Crestview Elementary
  • Davis Catalyst Center
  • Endeavor Elementary
  • Farmington Elementary
  • Kay’s Creek Elementary
  • Sand Springs Elementary
  • Sunburst Elementary
  • Whitesides Elementary
  • Windridge Elementary

Pending Leadership

(Elected, and will assume their position the day after the last day of school)


  • Secretary/Treasurer (replacing Secondary VP position): Danica Puente
  • Secondary at Large (replacing a regional board position): Stephen Olsen
  • Elementary at Large (replacing a regional board position): Marilee Hullinger
  • Area I (North): Kirsten Mele
  • Area II (South): Cole Wilkes
  • Area II (South): TBD (appointed for 1-year term to replace the vacated seat when Danica Puente moves to Secretary/Treasurer position) 

UniServ Staff

Tim Bell

Executive Director


Pennie Atkinson

Administrative Assistant