DEA's Legacy

Benefits DEA Has Negotiated


  • Elementary prep time
  • Added compensatory time for elementary teachers with unusually large conferencing loads
  • No recess duty
  • Job Sharing provisions


  • Approval by JSSC of all junior high Friday early out and high school late start activities
  • Pay increase for coaches and athletic directors

Special Ed

  • District Special Education Committee formed to address special education issues
  • 2 extra paid days for special educators’ paperwork

Benefits for Everyone

  • Four professional development days retained during the work year despite reduced funding
  • Extra-duty Teaching pay at educator’s hourly rate
  • Extra-duty Non-Teaching hourly pay increase
  • Pay increase for playground and lunch supervision
  • JSSC/teacher participation in site-based decisions – language strengthened
  • Seniority-based protection for involuntary transfers
  • When provisional educators are involuntarily transferred, every effort should be given to place them in the exact grade or subject area
  • Catastrophic Leave bank
  • Health and Dental insurance options
  • Mid-year lane changes
  • Paid professional leave
  • Personal Leave days including some accumulation
  • Elimination of Staff Development class fees
  • Annual stipend for National Board Certified teachers ($1,000)
  • Full year step credit for half-time teachers
  • Stipend for New Teacher Orientation attendees
  • Created single lane salary table with no maximum step (ongoing)
  • Adoption Leave
  • Teachers’ children get first consideration for school and track placement
  • Limit on number of required after school meetings including faculty meetings
  • Reimbursement of expenses due to on-the-job damage to personal property
  • 2 extra paid days for special educators’ paperwork
  • Evaluation system centered on assisting employees
  • Review of Services procedure to resolve problems with other employees or programs.
  • DEA representation on district committees
  • Procedure for review of the adequacy of educators’ work space, including itinerants
  • Early Retirement Incentives which include Social Security bridge payments
  • Increase in mileage reimbursement for travel
  • 30-minute duty free lunch policy
  • Extended family leave (FMLA) to half-time teachers
  • Guidelines and protections for teachers new to the profession added to the negotiated agreement
  • Additional time for counselors, library media teachers and special education teachers

DEA's Past Presidents and Directors

Denise Willmore 2023-2024 Literacy Coach Whitesides Elementary Susan Firmage Interem/Tim Bell
Denise Willmore 2022-2023 Literacy Coach Whitesides Elementary Cindy Formeller
Denise Willmore 2021-2022 Valley View Elementary Patrick Riley/Cindy Formeller
Yvonne Speckman 2017-2021 Buffalo Point Elementary Patrick Riley
Don Paver 2012-2017 Columbia Elementary Patrick Riley
Don Paver 2011-2012 Columbia Elementary Joel Briscoe/Patrick Riley
Susan Firmage 2009-2011 Layton Elementary Joel Briscoe/Patrick Riley
Susan Firmage 2008-2009 Layton Elementary Becky Bouvang/Joel Briscoe
Susan Firmage 2007-2008 Layton Elementary Becky Bouvang/Sheri Sauve
Susan Firmage 2006 Layton Elementary Becky Bouvang/Amber Schwartz
Ellen Thompson 2005 NLJHS Becky Bouvang/Amber Schwartz
Ellen Thompson 2004-2005 NLJHS Jake and Becky Bouvang
Ellen Thompson 2003-2004 NLJHS Vik Arnold, Jake Lemann, Becky Bouvang
Kathleen Leatham 2001-2003 Crestview Elememtary Vik Arnold/Jake Lemann
Kathleen Leatham 1999-2001 Crestview Elememtary Kaye Chatterton/Vik Arnold
Kalyn Denny 1995-1999 West Bountiful Elementary Kaye Chatterton
Vik Arnold 1992-1995 Young Parents Kaye Chatterton
Joel Briscoe 1990-1992 Bountiful High School Kaye Chatterton
Kathie Bone 1988-1990 Whitesides Elementary Steve Sirkin
Beth Beck 1987-1988 Millcreek Jr. High Steve Sirkin
Jeannine Crabtree 1986-1987 Farmington Elementary Dee Burningham
Ann Keller 1985-1986 District Office  
Debert Francom 1984-1985 retired  
Doug Cannon 1983-1984 NLJHS  
Dave King 1982-1983 Davis High School  
Earl Spencer 1981-1982 Woods Cross High School  
Richard Cook 1980-1981 Viewmont High School  
Mary Ellen Leatham 1979-1980 retired  
Dave VanLangeveld 1978-1979 Clearfield High School  
Wayne Cable 1977-1978 Woods Cross High School