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Important Educator Resources

At DEA, we offer a number of educator resources, including several essential forms and documents. These include:


Seeking Support

When you need support for an issue, you have advocates at many levels of the Association. Here is an outline of the available resources and who you should contact first:

First Step – Your Building Association Representative (AR)

Unless you have a legal issue, potential contract violation, or evaluation problem, your first step should always be to talk with your worksite representative. Most of the time, they will have the answer or be able to access the right information.

Second Step – Your Executive Board Contact

Every worksite is assigned a DEA Executive Board member to liaison with your AR and you as a member. Your AR will know who this person is.

Third Step – DEA President Denise Willmore

Your elected DEA president, Denise Willmore, can be reached at the DEA office (801) 451-2277. She is a Literacy Coach for Whitesides Elementary and is in the DEA office on Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday.

Fourth Step – Your DEA UniServ Director

Anything dealing with legal issues, potential contract violations, or evaluation problems. You may call or email anytime you need immediate answers or assistance, regardless of how serious your concern is. The DEA office number is (801) 451-2277

We always hope you won’t need advocate assistance, but when you do, the DEA is here to help. Check out the Legal Protections Act to learn more.