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2 Different Ways to Join

There are 2 primary ways to join


See instructions below for instructions of how to sign up online

On Paper

Print off, fill out, then turn in to your building representative or the DEA office

Join During Early Enrollment

The Early Enrollment Campaign runs concurrently from April to the end of August, offering Association membership at no cost for up to five months to new members and re-joining members who pledge to enroll as active or aspiring educator members in the Association for the future membership year. 



Educator Employee Liability (EEL) is a benefit under Early Enrollment between April 1st -August 31st. The Unified Legal Services Program (ULSP) is not an Early Enrollment benefit.




  • Representation by the UniServ Director on matters about representation for grievances, complaints by students, or disciplinary action. Except UEA legal services.
  • Access to NEA MEMBER BENEFITS, except for Life Insurance Program. Eligibility will be available starting September 1.
  • UEA members-only website, UEA publications, UEA-sponsored member benefits and related services are otherwise available to Association members only.
  • UniServ and local publications, local member benefits, and related services that are otherwise available to Association members only.



  • Early Enrollment is for new and returning members who have not joined through Early Enrollment before.
  • Early enrollees are eligible for representation by the UniServ Director for job-related incidents documented between enrollment and August 31.
  • Local representation in job-related matters is available when about grievances, complaints by students, or disciplinary action.

How to Sign Up Online

Click Here for the online application.

The screenshots and instructions below walk you through the application process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the DEA office, or submit a question through the Get In Touch page.

Page 1 is where you will fill out your personal information. Please make sure all information is correct before clicking to the next page. 

Page 2 will ask you what kind of membership you want to sign up for. If you are a current, working teacher, you’ll want to select “Certified”. 


It will then ask you about Membership Year. If you are signing up between April and August, select Early Enrollment (see above). 

Page 3 asks about what local you’re a part of (select Davis Education Association), what location you work at (meaning what school or office you work at), what your position is (if you’re a teacher, it is listed as “classroom teacher”), and if you are full/part time (this is how dues are assessed). 

Page 4 will have you review the information you’ve entered about which local you are a part of and what type of membership you’re signing up for, and then have you make some confirmation selections. 

The last page is where you enter banking information for where you want your dues to be pulled from. If you are signing up during Early Enrollment, it will have a notice telling you when the first dues will be pulled.