PAC and Local Issues

Local Elections

Endorsed Candidates

State School Board District 3: Brent Strate

Other Races

We continue to interview candidates running for office on a variety of levels in Davis County. When the Political Action Committee chooses to endorse a candidate, they will be listed to the left. 


More endorsements will be coming toward the end of the school year. For the time being, keep track of who is running for office by visiting the Davis County Clerk’s Website.

State Elections

Visit UEA PAC’s website for a list of endorsed candidates.

Local/State Issues

SJR 10- Constitutional Amendment

The amendment aims to open the state income tax fund currently dedicated to education, children, and individuals with disabilities to fund “other state needs” as defined by the legislature. The UEA Board of Directors has voted unanimously to oppose this constitutional amendment. Find out more here.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

The DEA Political Action Committee is a group of educators who take time to interview candidates running for local and state government. The focus for the Committee is to support and elect education-friendly candidates through endorsement and donation.


No DEA membership dues dollars are used for political action. The DEA PAC depends entirely on voluntary contributions to help support candidates who will help education.

(DEA PAC online donations coming soon)

(This document also shows the breakdown of donations, as well as the different levels of donation)

Getting Involved

One of the best things you can do to bring about a positive change in education is vote for education-friendly candidates. The PAC will help you identify those candidates, but it’s up to each person to vote for those people. 

Click here to make sure you are registered to vote, as well as change any voting registration information.